How Do Plants Breathe


Did you know that many people do not want to have plants in their bedroom? In many hospitals, the plants are brought to the corridor at night. But why?


The secret is: plants breathe at night! So they absorb oxygen like humans and animals and release carbon dioxide. So they take away the oxygen from the sleeping person. But is that true? To answer this question, let me first explain the breathing in plants.
Cell respiration in plants
Like animal cells, plant cells also possess mitochondria. As you surely know, these cell organelles are also called the powerhouses of the cell. This is because there is a lot of energy released in the mitochondria. That’s where cellular respiration takes place!
First, in the cytoplasm from the glucose, the pyruvate produced. This process is called glycolysis. The produced pyruvate is then transported by the cytoplasm into the mitochondria and introduced into the so-called citric acid cycle. In this cycle, adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, water, and CO2 are formed in a long reaction together with oxygen.
ATP is an energy carrier and is needed by the plant, as well as in humans for many pores within the cell. Homes that need radon mitigation Denver usually contain this. For example, the plant can produce important plant hormones with ATP. Respiration, therefore, consumes oxygen and glucose and liberates carbon dioxide and water. Breathing always takes place in the cells as energy is always needed.

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How To Move Your Plants

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