How To Move Your Plants

Moving is one of the most stressful activities for many people today. It even becomes more stressful and inconvenient when you do not have a moving company to help you through it. A Moving company in Indianapolis is very beneficial because they can help you with the process of packing your items onto the truck and carrying them to the location you are moving into. This is helpful because when you rely on your friends and family to help you move, there is an increased risk of accidents. It is also possible that they may have other commitments and leave you moving on your own. Make sure to call a good provider such as Movers Indianapolis

In addition to your luggage and furniture, you may also want to move with your plants. It may be sad to have to leave the plants you have been taking care of behind when you are moving out. Most of the moving companies will not accept to move plants for you because they are very perishable and can quickly get damaged. However, there are a few professional moving companies that can help you to move your plants. Here are tips on how to move your plants:


  • The first step is to consider the plants you are going to move carefully. Consider the space, weight and even the policies concerning the plants you have in your garden.



  • Prepare the plants by cleaning them up several weeks before the moving date. This way, they can be healthy and free from diseases. Dig them up and package them with a mound of soil at the roots. You can either package them in polythene or pots. Frequently check for pests and remove them to reduce the stress of the plant.



  • On the day before the move, package the plants in cardboard boxes. These boxes are preferred by many people because, in addition to being sturdier, they allow the plants to breathe. You can also water the plants so that they can survive if it’s a long journey.



  • Label the cardboard boxes clearly. This is very important so that the movers can know the boxes with the plants and therefore treat them with special care. Do not close the boxes until the moving day and ensure you puncture the boxes for enhanced aeration.



  • When you are loading the plants onto the moving truck, ensure that they are loaded in the last. This way, they are safe from being squashed and squeezed by the other boxes when the truck is moving. It also ensures that the boxes with the plants are the first to be unpacked when you arrive at your destination.





Moving your plants is one of the things that many people desire, but in most cases, it is not possible. However, before you give up moving your plants, it is essential to consult your moving company and get to know about their policy on moving. His way, you can prepare your plants for the move several weeks before the moving date. There are also some regulations that concern the moving of pants, and it is important to consult the authorities before you choose the plants you want to move. If you cannot move your plants as a whole, you can consider using cuttings so that it is easier for you to establish them once you settle.

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